The following are things happening in your territory: They don't seem to have the urgency of the standard adventures. Every so often you'll get the choice to solve one of these (of your choice), those that aren't solved that session are likely to escalate. When you solve ones, I'll add a new one to the list.

1: A small group of Dependance and Addiction spirits have made their home outside the school.
1A: A man has been arrested for dealing crack, he's later released without charges

2: Three children have been born with flat patches of skin in the place of facial features.
2A: Two more children are born in a similar position

3: An abandonned house is knocked down. A hidden basement is discovered that's far older than the rest of the building. It's filled with torture equipment, and shows signs of recent use.
3A: The site is broken into during the evening, fresh blood is found on the equipment

4: A covered part of road - barely more than half a block long, is taking between 20 mins and half an hour to pass through. Investigation shows nothing unusual going on.

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