Pete mentioned earler that the tribes seemed very abstract, I agreed at the time, but thinking about it, I'm less sure. Enclosed is Tribe information, though you really ought to track down a copy of The Rage (I can lend at some point), for more information.


Blood Talons
If something is bound, the binding can be broken. If something is driven away, it might return. If your territory is warded for protection, the wards will eventually fail. As a Blood Talon, you are the one to face these cold, hard facts and bring you own solution, because when something is dead, it can never trouble you again.
You will bleed every night and ache every day because you've chosed to ne the one who faces the woest in this life. you will fight first and run last. You will battle the hardest and the longest and you will bleed the most. You'll carry scars from your duties: duty to your tribe, to your totem and - most importantly - to your pack. You bleed so the others don't have to. That's called sacrifice. You kill so the others can survive. That's called responsibilty.
Whether bloodshed makes you smile or cry, you are the warrionr among the hunters because you have choen to be. If someone must do this, then the burden and the honour will be yours. This is the nobility of the Blood Talons - an honour that the other Uratha might never really understand when they look at you. But your brothers and sisters, each sworn to Fenris-Ur and joined by blood, they will always undestand it. You've felt it before - a quickened heartbeat and a flicker of familiarity when you meet the eyes of another Blood Talon, that sense of a higher purpous.
Offer no Surrender that you would not accept
Blood Talons will not back down, and have little place for compasison towards their enemy, and they expect the same from those they face, a defeated Blood Talon will not beg for their life, not will they listen to the begging of their victims. Expecting and receiving no quarter. Blood Talons come across as cold and callous, because they do the thigns that need to be done. They're a driving force as well, however - a Blood Talon who has lost everything will fight to his last breath, for if he is going to surrender, it will be on his own terms.
Blood Talons know that Father Wolf needed to cull the weak, so that the strong could prosper.

Rahu Blood Talons are the stereotype - filled with Rage and power, they're combat machines, balancing physical strength and powerful fury with training and elegance. They often learn their trade inside and out, able to recognise firearms purely from the sound of gunfire, and craft their own weapons.
Cahalith Blood Talons know that information is essential to winning a war. They stockpile information on potential enemies and threats, so should they rise against the pack, they know where best to strike them.
Elodoth Blood Talons know that every auspice has it's uses, and that a battle is always fought on more than one front. They are strategists and tacticians, constructing detailed and effective plans to cause the most damage to the enemy with the minimum risk to their packmates.
Ithaeur Blood Talons learn gifts and abilities, using their supernatural powers to give them an edge in combat, against Spirits they fight skillfully, destroying it's sources of Essence before going in for the kill.
Irraka Blood Talons specialise in the single, perfect blow - they study their prey, stalking them back to their lair and finding them at their most vulnerable. They know that often a single shot or knife in the dark can be more effective than a full-frontal attack, and at a much lower risk to their packmates.

Bone Shadows
My grandmother, a Bone Shadow like me, always told me to "forget the obvious." Ignore it. Disregard it. The trusth, she said, often hides beyond the apparent, past the easily observable. It waists in the darkness and fog. When you hear the thicket rustle, do you believe that the briat moves of it's own accord? No. Something waits hidden behind the tangle of thorns. You must pry apart the twined briars - and yes, you will bloody your hands in the doing - and there you will find what stirs in the thicket. The answers aren't ever easy.
Grandmother used to laugh too. Others outside her pack would see her on the periphery between territorries and she'd be sitting on the flat of some rock or in a dusty circle on the grassless plain. There she'd be casting her bones, those little bones like a squirrle's spine of a pigeon's skull, or even the delicate architecture from the hand of a stillborn infant. And they'd stand over her and mickingly ask her what she saw in those stupid old bones.
She'd lie and tell them that the secrets of the universe are carved in very small letters in those old things, and only she could read them. Grandmother never told them the truth. I know the truth. So did her pack. She wasn't reading the bones, but instead watching how the light plays off them, how darkness bleeds beneath them.
No, she didn't care about the bones at all. She cared only about their shadows.
Pay each Spirit in kind
Bone Shadows give respect where it is due, any Only where it is due, Spirits who ally with the pact, who treat them fairly, and with respect - who follow the laws set down by Father Wolf, will find a steadfast friend with the Bone Shadows, who will repay their favours fairly and equally. Bone Shadows aren't naïve however - they know that not all Spirits are benign in nature, and that there will always be some who attempt to break the rules, meddling unduly in the Physical world. These spirits are treated as they need be - chased back into the Shadow and if it is deserved, destroyed.
Bone Shadows know that Father Wolf was fair but strict, and that this was the only way he could police the borders.

Rahu Bone Shadows favour the Stick method of Policing the spirit world, while as deferencial and polite to deserving spirits as any other of their Tribe, they truly come to shine when dealing with those that deserve punishment. They'll run from one end of the Shadow to deal with a spirit that truly deserves it.
Cahalith Bone Shadows learn all they can about the spirit world, learning to recognise spirits on sight and make educated guesses as to their bans, they find hidden places and learn forgotten rites, bringing the spoils back to their pack.
Elodoth Bone Shadows take the roles of Judges and Arbiters, listening to the grievances of spirits and weighing up each one individually, they may keep detailed notes on the local ones, so as to punish or reward them in ways that are suitably effective.
Ithaeur Bone Shadows are reservoirs of knowledge for Spirits, spirits defer to them more than others of their Tribe, and accept their decision with greater dignity, they lead rebellions against corrupt spirits they can't defeat alone and forge bonds the other tribes could only dream of.
Irraka Bone Shadows search the Shadow for clues regarding spirits, they learn forgotten bans and secret alliances, their influences are subtle as they strike at those corrupt spirits too powerfull to face directly.

Hunters In Darkness
As a Hunter, you have a sacred duty coupled with an understanding the others lack. Your duty is to watch over the sacred places in the world, to defend them from defilement and destruction. Your understanding is born from the knowledge that such sacred places are ever poised in delicate balance, a balance that must be maintained as well as defended.
Your commitment and skill are evident, bound together in the way you hunt: hidden, unseen, undetected by your prey until the moment of the first and final strike. As Meninna, you are one of the most primal-hearted werewolves howling and hunting under Luna's sky. It falls to you to stalk prey into the darkest place of substance and Shadow, emerging with knowledge and scars your pack will marvel at. You are the one who fights for the soul of places untouched and unseen by humanity, not for reward, but because you know it's the right thing to do. Your enemies are creatures that humankind has never seen and never imagined. These beings were spawned from cruelty in the shadows of cities or born milennia ago in the wilderness, and have never seen a human in the centuries since. Yet these creatures hate you for the sins of your ancestors. You hunt them now because you were born to hunt them, because someone must do it and you possess the skill to survive.
You are a scion of Black Wolf, a child of Hikaon-Ur, and you guard the soul of the world - respecting those who defend it and slaguthering those who would desecrate it.
Let no Sacred place in your territory be violated
Hunters is Darkness understand that the world can only survive so long as balance is maintained - that there must be Lodes, so that the spirit world can feed, and Werewolves can cross between the worlds, but at the same time, there must be definate borders between the two worlds. They understand that humanity needs space to live, but know this must be balanced between living space for everything else, they battle against Belishu and Azula, who would seek to upturn the balance between the real world and the spirit world, but more than anything else, against Humanity.
Hunters know that only when all spirits were catered for, could Father Wolf expect them to be complacent.

Rahu Hunters embody nature's wrath, vengeful and furious protectors, they destroy those who cross their protected areas, destroying construction camps and spiking trees. Their Loci are known as cursed places, where no-one visits unless absolutely neccisary.
Cahalith Hunters know their territory like the back of their hand, they're aware of every wolf-blooded family, and which tribes they're connected to. They know the names of the oldest spirits and the history of the neighbouring packs.
Elodoth Hunters use diplomacy and legality to protect their sacred places, buying the land it's on or organising petitions against construction work, they work within organisation to levy taxes on companies or increase police protection in areas, or simply find alternative sites for work.
Ithaeur Hunters remember that the threats to the Sacred Places are as likely to come from the Shadow as the Physical realm, they watch it intently, looking for the signs that herald changes in the spirit world or upcoming threats in the physical
Irraka Hunters are trappers and guirrilla fighters, always aware of everything going on within their territory, and always ready to appear at the right time, in the right place, to strike the threat where it's most vulnerable, because disapearing to strike again from somewhere else entirely.

Iron Wolves
In cities and forests, on two legs or four, you are the one who watches the ebb and flow of every situation, of every night in your hunting grounds, of the landscape itself, watching for signs of change. Chaos is dangerous but it also brings new chanllenges and new advances. As an Iron Master, you are the wolf among the herd. To those you would protect, you are as much a monster as the beings you fight. To the prey that you hunt, you are a leiving legavcy of the Father - a legacy that his ancient duty is carried out by modern hunters. Humans are the new lords of the Earth. They rose through war and discover to get where they are and nothing short of Armageddon will put them back in their original place. The world has learned to deal with that, and so have the Iron Masters. It's out place to learn how to recognise how it happened, what strengths and developments made it possible, and emulate them now to improve your own hunting ground. Traditions that do not strengthen us should be broken. Advancements that empower us must be mastered for their benefits.
The one truth in life is that change will always come. It will take the shape of wars and deaths and wear the face of cures and techniological developments but the force of change cannot be stopped, only ignored by the stubborn and harnessed by the cunning and the ambitious. As one of the Farsil-Luhal, you stand amongst those who do not cling to the old ways out of fear or ignorance, but follow the paths of the evolving human world because that's where the real opportunities lay. Should humanity be cast back down into barbarism, you will adapt and endure beyond them.
Honour Your Territory In All Things
Iron Wolves understand that where Werewolves live, ultimately reflects what they are - it changes what Spirits they associate, and what essence they draw upon - A territory filled with Hate and Violence will attract angry, destructive spirits, and make the Werewolves that inhabit it hatefull and violent themselves. Iron Wolves tend to the Territory, encouraging feelings, people and spirits to live there to embody the ideals that the pack supports, they know that Humanity has a great effect on the Spirit World enact social change using their resources to improve their territory, and in turn improve themselves.
Iron Wolves know that only by proving themselves capable of protecting their territory, can they hope to subsume Father Wolf's duties.

Rahu Iron Wolves are mercanaries or vigilanties, sculpting their territory into it's ideal form through force and intimidation. They launch well-armed raids on the headquarters of local gangs and kill dealers and pimps, leaving their bodies as a warning to others.
Cahalith Iron Wolves run the cutting edge of technology, devouring the latest advances with glee, they bring these to bear against those who threaten their packs, sabotaging equipment and rewiring security systems.
Elodoth Iron Wolves are diplomats and buisnessmen, often on the boards for buisnesses in the area, they steer their territory through the manipulation of human buisnesses and groups, using peer pressure and political power.
Ithaeur Iron Wolves use the Shadow to shape the physical world as much as much as the other way around, altering the spiritual landscape of the city to increase the physical world's willingless to adapt to their vision.
Irraka Iron Wolves work on the fringes of society, reporters, hackers and gossips, they search the underbelly of human society for information, starting grass-roots movements and rumour to instigate social change.

Storm Lords
When your pace is lost, you must lead them to safety. When your pack must fight, you must lead them into battle. When your pack's sprirts are low, you must hold them up. You shoulder the responsisbility to keep your pack working. If you do your job right, you won't get any thanks. If you fuck up, you'll be the one they blame.
Mayber you didn't ask for this role outight, but it was plain in your heart. You wanted it, needed it. Skolis-Ur made you fight to live through something veneratys of other tribes would balk at, and when it was over you begged for more. That is how we all feel. In our hearts, we do not sleep. We do not rest. We do eerything we can, and then we do even more just to be sure. Anything else is weakness. For us, failure is not an option.
You chose the hardest, most thankess job in existence. Every night, you'll finally drift into sleep wondering why you ever joined the Storm Lords. Bnut you have seen weakness in yourself and others, and you've had enough. Your weakness is something that will not trouble you again. If you can beat it, so can anyone. And if they can't, they can damn well learn. Until they do, you are better than they are. You have the right - the duty - to lead them, whether they like it or not. You will lead, and they will follow, because duty, responsibility and honour command it. Because you are a Storm Lord and we have a nobler purpose.
Allow No One to Witness or to Tend Your Weakness
Storm Lords know that a sick wolf will slow the pack, and that a Werewolf who cannot do his duties will do nothing but hurt those around him. A Storm Lord's devotion to his pack is total, he would rather die than hinder them. Storm Lords know that to ask another for help distracts them from their own work, they would rather struggle and learn than to admit failure. They learn all manner of basic skills, able to step in to any role required of them, they see themselves as leaders and champions, and know that the other Tribes will look to them as examples in times of need.
Storm Lords know that to attempt to step into Father Wolf's role, showing obvious weakness and inability disgraces his memory.

Rahu Storm Lords are warrior-kings, leading their pack from the front lines they fight viciously and skillfully, always watching their packmates for danger and encouraging them to greater heights through their own example.
Cahalith Storm Lords know everything they need to, they use blackmail and information bartering to control those who'd threaten the pack or to help others, their knowledge is often diverse, enough to get by in most subjects.
Elodoth Storm Lords delgate and arrange, they're most likely to encourage a rolling Alpha system (depending on Auspice), or to listen to the views of the others, they're often in contact with other Supernaturals in the area, mediating peace and understanding.
Ithaeur Storm Lords control the spiritual landscape of their territory with an iron fist, binding spirits into deals and partnerships and crushing anything that refuses to tow the line and handsomely rewarding those who do.
Irraka Storm Lords are the power behind the throne, whispering advice and rumour into the ear of the Alpha, they move amongst others, who talk around them more openly than they ever would the alpha.

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