Wolven Enterprises Inc

Wolven Enterprises Inc. are a large conglomerate founded by Frank Wolven.

Frank a savvy business man made a singular mistake and retired on the profits of his success, profits which soon dried up after a large numbers of rumours sprang up about their testing facility Deimos, when he tried to reassert his control he was blocked out. He died a few years later.

A stipulation in the original company charter allowed his son Jon Wolven to take a place on the board, and he has in the intervening years ruthlessly forced out those responsible for the companies poor performance.

The company is not without its issues, its ownership of Deimos is a particular thorn in its side, as many consider the moon cursed a claim backed up by the quarantine of the entire moon not long after the first test run of the Indiscriminate Justice. That was 6 months ago and no one who has stepped foot on the planet since has been heard from again.

There are however no such stigma attached to there testing grounds of Titan and Hyperion, and the weapons and other products developed there are some of the finest produced in recent years.

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