Session Log

February Moon Phases

  • New Moon (Irraka) - 25th
  • Crescent Moon (Ithaeur) - 1st, 20th
  • Half Moon (Elodoth) - 3rd, 17th
  • Gibbous Moon (Cahalith) - 6th, 13th
  • Full Moon (Rahu) - 9th

Be aware of Moon Phases - changing form beneath your Auspice moon can be done without a roll or Essence cost

Session 1

1st February 2009 (Crescent Moon, Waxing)

The pack took up residence in a derelict apartment building, once held by the pure.

On their way to finding a totem they met a graffiti spirit in the form of an animate, 12-foot tall picture of a Geisha girl. After rescuing it from a pack of lesser graffiti spirits it has taken upon itself to guard the pack’s home.

The pack then travelled out into the desert. There, they caught sight of a snake spirit being harried by an eagle. Negotiating a deal, they rescued the snake and brought it back to the city, where it agreed to become their totem.

Downtime: 2nd-8th February

For a week the pack set about making their new home more habitable. In an effort to improve the resonance of the territory, and to legitimise their claim on the apartment block they inhabit the pack looked into turning it into a community centre. For this purpose they took out a small business loan.

8th February 2009 (Gibbous Moon, Waxing)

While taking a look around the streets and scoping out the extent of damage to the territory Reflected Moon detected the scent of blood coming from a dumpster behind an apartment building. Inside was a garbage bag full of burger wrappers and human remains.

The pack converged to investigate this problem, and followed the scent back to a flat on the third floor. Inside they discovered a woman, emaciated and malnourished, wielding a meat-cleaver. Dispatching her in short order they decided to see if anything within the spirit realm had caused her condition. They found the building to be in the vicinity of a locus, and crawling with hunger spirits. After a short battle and tactical retreat the pack thought to return the following day.

Further investigation discovered that all residents in the building were suffering the same. Presumably they were all possessed, or the spirits were influencing their hunger in order to generate essence.

After some searching the pack decided to check the roof. It was there they discovered the potential cause of this locus, and perhaps the cause of the problem in the spirit realm, a Beshilu. They all gasped dramatically and freeze-framed.

Session 2 + 3

8th February 2009 (Gibbous Moon, Waxing)

The Beshilu ducked into a stairwell and the pack pursued it down. At the ground floor they caught it moments before it could burst into the front room of a deli packed with customers. Subduing the beast the pack hauled it outside before throwing it into a dumpster. Awkwardly the greasy papers in the bin were set alight and the beshilu discorporated instantly into a swarm of rats, three escaping and leaping onto Artemis before the lid could be slammed down.

One of the escaped rats attempted to make a run for it. The pack alpha's keen senses picked this up and he raised his gun, taking precise aim. Time seemed to slow as the trigger was squeezed down and a piercing blast rang out. The bullet, causing powerful ripples in the air, sailed true and intersected the rat's path, striking it square in the rear leg. Thick black smoke instantly began to billow from the rat's damaged motor apparatus. In the shock of sudden panic its course began to swerve and skid from side to side, unable to maintain control at the breakneck speed it was pushing.

Devlin watched on, gaze as hard and unforgiving as any film noir protagonist as he lowered the gun.

A discarded soda can loomed large up ahead. In a last, ditch attempt to save himself the rat pulled a hard right, but fate can be a cruel bitch sometimes. At a critical moment the smoking leg cracked under the immense strain, and sent the rat into a screeching drift. A single tear formed in the corner of Barry's eye as his life's greatest achievements and greatest regrets played out one last time before him. The loving family he raised, all of his close friends, the decision to merge with thousands of other rats to become a hulking abomination to man and beast. All this, in the blink of an eye.

Then, it was over. With a hollow thunk the can was sent flying. The rat continued onwards, spinning now as his claws scrabbled for purchase on the concrete. The last thing Barry saw was the red brick of the rapidly-approaching apartment building, and the warming smile of his deceased wife, Shiela.

The pack threw up their paws, futilely shielding their faces before getting blown off their feet by the incredible explosion. The side of the building was vaporised and the structure let out an agonised groan before collapsing in on itself, the entirely plausible spectacle culminating in a second, larger blast that sent bricks and mortar rocketing in all directions.

Devlin blinked and lowered the gun, his fantasy fading. 'That would have been awesome' he grinned to himself and turned away from the smeared remains his shot had wrought.

Two of the wayward rats were disposed of, one escaped. The pack continued their investigation of the area. On the security footage of the deli Reflected Moon noted four figures in black suits entering the building that did not show up on the internal security cameras.

Devlin and Marcus decided upon communication with the hunger spirits in the area. They discovered that a powerful spirit was being held there, and the others were present to aid in its escape. They also discovered which room it was being held in.

Artemis, meanwhile scouted the only club in their territory for any supernaturals. He found a vampire, and managed to extract some useful information out of him. The black suited figures were apparently mages who come to the city from the general direction of area 51. He also gave the name of the vampire prince in Roswell.

After all this informaton gathering the pack met up again outside the spirit-infested apartment building. In the material world Artemis approached the specified room from outside. The three other members did so in the shadow realm. Inside the building was a dog, starving and crazed, bound by runed straps in the centre of a ritual circle. Artemis released the dog and slew it. In the shadow realm the dog was instead replaced by the powerful hunger spirit mentioned. When the dog was slain the spirit escaped. The hunger spirits weren't particularly thankful for the service, and in fact required bribes to leave the area.

All in a day's work for the neighbourhood werewolves.

Session 4

9th February 2009 (Full Moon)

There was an apartment on fire. Artemis rescued the inhabitants while Reflected Moon controlled the fire with his gift. Devlin had a chat with the fire spirits and Marcus leapt inside to rescue a charred corpse.

How thrilling.

Session 5

9th-10th February 2009

The charred corpse was found to be drained of blood, the players arranged (via a contact of Artemis) a meet with the Prince of the Vampire population based to the north, who explained the responsible vampire wasn't toeing his line either, and they were told they'd be no repercussions for anything they did to him. So they tracked him down and roughed him up some.

Session 6

11th February 2009

The pack decided to investigate some of the long term issues - specifically the bodies of cats found beneath a slide in the park. Devlin encountered Old Mr. Tom, leader of the Cat Court, and ran some favours with him, while Reflective Moon did research, and Artemis investigated in the physical world.
They tracked a creature (from urban legend of early Cities, specifically London, Boston and Roswell) to a abandonned building, where it attacked Artemis, and was savaged by Reflecting Moon. From there, the pack tracked down a man called Gregory, who'd been feeding the creature the cats, in the hope of stopping it moving onto bigger prey.

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